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Publications 2016 - Equipe 3


  • Réminiac F, Vecellio L, Mac Loughlin R, Le Pennec D, Cabrera M, Heuzé Vourc’h N, Fink JB, Ehrmann S. Nasal high flow nebulization in infants and toddlers: an in vitro and in vivo scintigraphic study. Ped Pulmonol. 2016. Accepté.
  • Desoubeaux G, Reichert JM, Sleeman M, Reckamp KL, Ryffelh B, Adamczewskij JP, Sweeney TD, Vanbever R, Diot P, Owen CA, Page C, Lerondel S, Le Pape A, Heuze-Vourc'h N.Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies for respiratory diseases: Current challenges and perspectives, March 31 – April 1, 2016, Tours, France. MAbs. 2016. accepté. DOI:10.1080/19420862.2016.1196521 
  • Desoubeaux G., Franck-Martel C., Caille A., Drillaud N., Lestrade-Caruler de Kyvon M-A., Bailly E., Chandenier J. Use of calcofluor-blue brightener for the diagnosis of Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia in bronchial-alveolar lavage fluids: a single-center prospective study. Med Mycol. Sous presse. 
  • Brachet G, Respaud R, Arnoult C, Henriquet C, Dhommée C, Viaud-Massuard MC, Heuze-Vourc'h N, Joubert N, Pugnière M, Gouilleux-Gruart V. Increment in Drug Loading on an Antibody-Drug Conjugate Increases Its Binding to the Human Neonatal Fc Receptor in Vitro. Mol Pharm. 2016 Mar 1.Sous presse. 
  • Dalloneau E, Baroukh N, Mavridis K, Maillet A, Gueugnon F, Courty Y, Petit A, Kryza T, Del Rio M, Guyetant S, Cadena-Castadena DC, Dhommée C, Arnoult C, Scorilas A, Gouilleux-Gruart V, Heuzé-Vourc’h N. Downregulation of the neonatal Fc receptor expression in Non-Small-Cell lung cancer tissue is associated with a poor prognosis. Oncotarget. Sous presse. 
  • Desoubeaux, G., Cabanne, É., Franck-Martel, C., Gombert, M., Gyan, E., Lissandre, S., Renaud, M., Monjanel, H., Dartigeas, C., Bailly, É., Van Langendonck, N., Chandenier, J., 2016. Pulmonary toxoplasmosis in immunocompromised patients with interstitial pneumonia: a single-centre prospective study assessing PCR-based diagnosis. J. Clin. Pathol. 
  • Desoubeaux, G., Dominique, M., Morio, F., Thepault, R.-A., Franck-Martel, C., Tellier, A.-C., Ferrandière, M., Hennequin, C., Bernard, L., Salamè, E., Bailly, É., Chandenier, J. 2016. Epidemiological outbreaks of Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia are not limited to kidney transplant recipients: genotyping confirms common source of transmission in a liver transplantation unit. J. Clin. Microbiol. 
  • Deye N, Vincent F, Michel P, Ehrmann S, da Silva D, Piagnerelli M, Kimmoun A, Hamzaoui O, Lacherade JC, de Jonghe B, Brouard F, Audoin C, Monnet X, Laterre PF; SRLF Trial Group. Changes in cardiac arrest patients' temperature management after the 2013 "TTM" trial: results from an international survey. Ann Intensive Care. 2016 Dec;6(1):4. 
  • Diot P, Plantier L. A new era for ribavirin aerosols to treat respiratory syncitial virus infections in immunocompromised patients ? 2016. Respiratory Care. sous presse. 
  • Ehrmann S, Roche-Campo F, Bodet-Contentin L, Razazi K, Dugernier J, Trenado-Alvarez J, Donzeau A, Vermeulen F, Thévoz D, Papanikolaou M, Edelson A, León Yoshido H, Piquilloud L, Lakhal K, Lopes C, Vicent C, Desachy A, Apiou-Sbirlea G, Isabey D, Brochard L; Reva Research Network; AT@ICU Study Group. Aerosol therapy in intensive and intermediate care units: prospective observation of 2808 critically ill patients. Intensive Care Med. 2016 Feb;42(2):192-201. 
  • Flament T, Marchand-Adam S, Gatault P, Dupin C, Diot P, Guilleminault L. What are the characteristics of asthma patients with elevated serum IgG4 levels? Respir Med. 2016 Mar;112:39-44. 
  • Guillon A, Gueugnon F, Mavridis K, Dalloneau E, Jouan Y, Diot P, Heuzé-Vourc'h N, Courty Y, Si-Tahar M.Interleukin-22 receptor is overexpressed in nonsmall cell lung cancer and portends a poor prognosis. Eur Respir J. 2016 Apr;47(4):1277-80. 
  • Guillon A, Vecellio L, de Monte M. Pulmonary Delivery of Dry Powders During Invasive Mechanical Ventilation: Innovations Are Required. J Aerosol Med Pulm Drug Deliv. 2016 Apr;29(2):215-6 
  • Hamon Y, Legowska M, Hervé V, Dallet-Choisy S, Marchand-Adam S, Vanderlynden L, Demonte M, Williams R, Scott CJ, Si-Tahar M, Heuzé-Vourc'h N, Lalmanach G, Jenne DE, Lesner A, Gauthier F, Korkmaz B. Neutrophilic cathepsin C is maturated by a multi-step proteolytic process and secreted by activated cells during inflammatory lung diseases. J Biol Chem. 2016 Feb 16. Sous presse. 
  • Kimmoun A, Baux E, Das V, Terzi N, Talec P, Asfar P, Ehrmann S, Geri G, Grange S, Anguel N, Demoule A, Moreau AS, Azoulay E, Quenot JP, Boisramé-Helms J, Louis G, Sonneville R, Girerd N, Ducrocq N, Agrinier N, Wahl D, Puéchal X, Levy B. Outcomes of patients admitted to intensive care units for acute manifestation of small-vessel vasculitis: a multicenter, retrospective study. Crit Care. 2016 Jan 26;20(1):27. 
  • Kryza T, Silva ML, Loessner D, Heuzé-Vourc'h N, Clements JA. The kallikrein-related peptidase family: Dysregulation and functions during cancer progression. Biochimie. 2016 Mar;122:283-99. 
  • Pitance L, Reychler G, Vecellio L, Leal T, Reychler H, Liistro G. Influence of Tracheostomy on Lung Deposition in Spontaneously Breathing Patients. J Aerosol Med Pulm Drug Deliv. 2016 Feb 23. 
  • Réminiac F, Vecellio L, Heuzé-Vourc'h N, Petitcollin A, Respaud R, Cabrera M, Pennec DL, Diot P, Ehrmann S. Aerosol Therapy in Adults Receiving High Flow Nasal Cannula Oxygen Therapy. J Aerosol Med Pulm Drug Deliv. 2016 Apr;29(2):134-41. 
  • Respaud R, Marchand D, Pelat T, Tchou-Wong KM, Roy CJ, Parent C, Cabrera M, Guillemain J, Mac Loughlin R, Levacher E, Fontayne A, Douziech-Eyrolles L, Junqua-Moullet A, Guilleminault L, Thullier P, Guillot-Combe E, Vecellio L, Heuzé-Vourc’h N. Development of a drug delivery system for efficient alveolar delivery of a neutralizing monoclonal antibody to treat pulmonary intoxication to ricin.J Control Release. 2016 May 9. pii: S0168-3659(16)30283-8. 
  • Tossier C, Dupin C, Plantier L, Leger J, Flament T, Favelle O, Lecomte T, Diot P, Marchand-Adam S. Hiatal hernia on thoracic computed tomography in pulmonary fibrosis. Eur Respir J 2016. Sous presse.

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