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Welcome to the Research Center for Respiratory Diseases INSERM UMR 1100


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Discordance in cathepsin B and cystatin C expressions in bronchoalveolar fluids between murine bleomycin-induced fibrosis and human idiopathic fibrosis. Kasabova M, Villeret B, Gombault A, Lecaille F, Reinheckel T, Marchand-Adam S, Couillin I, Lalmanach G. Respir Res. 2016 Sep 22;17(1):118.                                                   
[JPG - 9 Ko]Inhaled phage therapy: a promising and challenging approach to treat bacterial respiratory infections.

Bodier-Montagutelli E, Morello E, L'Hostis G, Guillon A, Dalloneau E, Respaud R, Pallaoro N, Blois H, Vecellio L, Gabard J, Heuzé-Vourc'h N. Expert Opin Drug Deliv. 2016 Nov 10:1-14. 

Research Center                         for Respiratory Diseases

Director : Mustapha SI TAHAR

3 INSERM teams


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Research Center for Respiratory Diseases

Centre d'Etude des Pathologies Respiratoires (CEPR)
Faculté de Médecine, Université F. Rabelais
10, boulevard Tonnellé
37032 Tours cedex , France

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Catherine Douteau
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